Our Services

Our Services

If you're interested in knowing how to publish a book, look no further. Cedar publishing can help you become your own publisher. You write and edit your book. We complete the design of the interior and cover, get your book listed at big distributors and online stores, print-on-demand as orders come in, and pay royalties on each sale. You keep all the rights to your work.

By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and on how print-on-demand technology and new approaches can be applied in the publishing industry, we are able to provide authors supported self-publishing services that will help them see their books in print.

Whether you are writing a book, promoting your work, or searching for online publishing services or a self-publisher to publish your book, Cedar's comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, add-on, and marketing services enable you to customize your self-publishing experience. Our team of publishing professionals are available every step of the way to guide you throughout the publishing process.

So, Whats Your Story?

Have you written a book that will help to make the world a better place? If so, we at Cedar Publishing may be interested in assisting you with bringing your good words to the public. Here is how Cedar Publishing works: Once we have established a relationship with an author by reviewing their work and finding that it meets our quality standards and goals of helping to make the world a better place, we agree on the following:

  • Cedar Publishing will furnish an ISBN number and a barcode for your book. We also provide cover artwork design and editing/layout of the interior text (cost varies due to length and type of book).
  • When your book is ready to print, we contact our print house that provides us with a quote for the actual print cost depending on quantity ordered. Authors must pay for that print cost, which is, on average, around $2 to $4 per book. The cost goes down relative to the quantity ordered (higher quantities = lower cost). Most authors order an initial quantity of 100-500, although some order more. Authors must also pay for all shipping charges, plus an initial fee of $200.00 to have your book listed with the largest national book distributors.
  • Before going ahead with any new book, we provide the author with a spreadsheet showing their cost and the approximate profit based on various retail prices. Only if these figures are reasonable would we want to proceed with helping the author.

We provide several marketing packages to authors, who can choose how extensive a plan they wish to purchase. Marketing materials are produced and sent out with a copy of the book to reviewers at major newspapers and magazines. We can also refer you to an outside publicist who can provide more extensive publicity and appearance opportunities.

One special way Cedar Publishing authors help to make the world a better place, besides spreading their worthwhile message through their words, is by contributing a portion of their royalties to charity. We suggest that 5% of net royalties be donated, but this is negotiable as each author and their book is unique.

We are different from other publishers in that authors are paid a much higher percentage of the profits from the sales of their books. Each author receives ten free copies of their book initially, instead of only 1 or 2 as with other publishers. In addition, we can provide copies of books for marketing purposes with no publisher fee.

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